Something Special for You

This may or may not be of value to some of you, but I think it is very useful software and it is free no strings. The bloke that created it is very straight up and has very useful info for folks in any kind of media. This is a special offer that is not advertised, because he does actually sell these, as well as a lot of informative and useful products, but he also gives a lot of it away at times (this is one of those times} and does lots of podcasts and videos to help folks for nothing, because he has been through it all, and his approuch is totally no BS and straight forward. Go to this link for your copy..

I have already created and used it for some mailers I sent out for my other business, very easy to create pamplets, brochures, and even embed html into, such as private links, or a special button for a product. You could even send out a press pack this way, bands and artists can embed anything from artwork, to mp3, mov. etc… and create an easy promo, or better yet, use it to treat your online fans and mailing list fans special by sending them embedded music or special invites. Use your vast imagination to come up with unique uses to suit your own needs.

Check it and grab a copy. You have nothing to lose, runs on window 7-10, and only 5 mgs of space needed! Sweet!

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