No Way To Treat A Lady

Some businesses have simply forgotton that customer service means all customers.
While I myself  have never been a fan of the customer is always right theory, the store is never in the right when they treat an individual with disrespect, and degrading behavior, and I DO believe in innocence until proven otherwise. In this case, without even pointing out anything else, the fact that this customer just spent $200 in their store should have warranted a tiny bit of respect!

She was charged $50 to NOT have the police called, and signed a paper stating in so many words that she was a thief. Really!!!!!

Anyway, if this sort of thing has happened to you before, or after reading the screenshot below you become as outraged as the rest of us, you will find 2 share links for Twitter and Pinterest below also, as well as you can reblog this post too. Here is a Facebook screenshot of what my friend posted that happened to her and her grandmother tonight.


Here is the Twitter feed link…


Here is the Pinterest link….

My friend is filing charges, so at this time wishes to remain publicly annonymous.

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