Robin Time Again!

Cool, Papa Robin is out gathering twigs and such, gonna be some babies soon ❤
He is the same Papa Robin we have seen gathering for many years now, He and his mate have been around here for years, building nests and having babies 🙂 I know because his markings in particular are very unique, but this year he is looking very worn, and this is worrisome to me…
“The oldest robins in your yard might be about six years old, although one banded bird lived almost 14 years.”
Image result for how long do Robins live
We have been seeing him for a number of years now, not sure how many, but I “feel” it to be at least 8 years, as I remember first noticing him in particular, a few years before I quit smoking in June 2012…I hope he sticks around awhile longer, and that his family knows they are always safe and welcome here…
I think they do!

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