Teachers, Instructors, Infuencers, Learners!

I have begun a new project, seeking people who both like to teach and help others learn, as well as people who want to learn to use the talents they have, or can learn, to build a business, or profit from their talents.

Altho in it’s infancy, the project and website are now open to those who wish to join and help make learning fun. The time is now to learn and share and truly make this world a smarter and better place.

Please refer to the attached blog post to visit and learn more. This is to be a community of people who want to make a difference in our world.

Creative Diva

Seeking people who have a certain talent and experience they would like to share and teach to others. This can be anything from crafting, such as sewing, crochet,  art, graphics, web design or programming, and numberous other skills, to gardening, cooking, home hobbies into business, and starting online or brick and morter businesses. The purpose here is to help people with everyday lifestyles and the pursuit of making extra income from their own hobbies and talents.

Discussions on each subject will open up a question and answer forum for each, as well as a platform for tutorials, and ecourses taught directly to members.

This is good for, and a benefit to people who would like to gain some reputation as an influencer, writer, teacher, and can help open you up to greater possibilities in your own lives as you help others to grow and succeed in their lives. 

This website…

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